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Superhero changes the world

NovaXS Biotech

NovaXS Biotech Corp. is a biotechnology accelerator dedicated to delivering a new generation of  proactive, accessible, and personalized solutions for age-related diseases.

Our mission is to overturn aging by preventing chronic diseases and immune system disorders. 

Stock Portfolio

I started to invest in U.S. stock market when I was a freshman at college. Biotech & NE are two areas I focus on. Beginning from the 2nd year, all of my tuitions are made from the stock market. The most successful investments are Blink Charging (with over 100% return) & Sorrento Therapeutics (with over 100% return).

Crypto & NFTs

With COVID-19 hitting the world, many businesses have changed tremendously, including the finance industy. I am a huge fan of decentralized currency system and have invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

My partner and I are working with NBA players to design their NFTs.