Science Background

Bioengineering Student. Medical Device Patent Holder. Professional Career.


Patent Holder

Inventions on improving existed technology, including delivery method, acessibility & affordability, and effectiveness. 

--Currently holding 2 medical device patents in U.S.A. and China.

--1 new medical device patent application in progress. 


UC Berkeley QB3 Lab Researcher

Research on establishing new paradigms in multi-tissue stem cell aging, rejuvenation and regulation by conserved morphogenic signaling pathways to a biomedical solution to prevent and reverse age-imposed organ failure.

--Compared and interpreted antibody array imaging signals from four sets of mice serum samples for AHA-Oxytocin/Alk5-inhibitor project

-Tested BONCAT on protein assays with liver samples from mice

-Conducted DNA extraction from bacteria and DNA transfection on cancer cell lines



2018.05 Cellular Biomedicine Group Project Manager Associate

2019.05 Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. Laboratory Researcher

2019.08 United Imaging Healthcare Product Developer & Manager

2020.03 IQVIA Business Analyst